How to reinstall Windows OS?

1, Prepare a 8GB(16GB) USB Flash Disk;

2, Format USB Flash Disk with NTFS (Please use “FAT32” for TX2), and rename the USB flash disk to “WINPE”

3, Copy all the OS files to USB Flash Disk.

4, Insert the USB Flash Disk into the PC Stick, and power on it, then press F7 to enter boot menu, select boot from USB flash disk.

5, The PC stick will boot from “WINPE” and install OS.

reinstall OS

6, After finished, unplug the USB disk, and press “Enter” and the system will reboot and enter Windows OS(if do not reboot or power off, type “exit” and press “Enter”).

7, If the system enter factory mode, Please click the “CleanupTestTool.cmd” on the desktop or select “OOBE”->”reboot”, click “OK”. The the device will shutdown/reboot and enter the normal mode.

FYI: Windows PC Stick OS (Stickcherry Series)

Mini PC NYi3 OS

Mini PC GL1 OS